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1993 Marquee Number Birthday Statement Piece

1993 marquee numbers

Thinking of a creative way to highlight the year you were born in? Why not write it out with our marquee numbers? Well, that is exactly what one of our clients wanted this year.

Earlier this year, we were part of a fun surprise birthday party of a 30-year old. Our client was creative with our marquee numbers, and had 1993 written out! It was such a statement piece at the venue (Brock Street Brewery) – and everyone loved it.

As soon as people entered the venue, the 1993 written out with our marquee numbers caught everyone’s eye. It was the perfect show-stopper and kept the room lit up the entire night!

If you’re looking to create that special statement piece for your next birthday, wedding or private event – consider renting our marquee numbers (or letters!). Our team can help you with creating custom quotations, and can even suggest fun and creative ways to bring your idea to life.

This 30th birthday party really started a trend with some of our customers, as we’ve had so many requests for birth year displays. Since this event, we’ve had the opportunity to light up other birth years such as 1983, 1923 and even 2022!

With our light up marquee numbers, the decor options are truly endless. You can style the numbers any way you like, and they can be lifted, hung or even installed onto our stackable stands.

Our marquee numbers are lightweight, made right here in Canada and can withstand our Canadian summers and winters. We also have different bulb options for outdoor and indoor events!

If you’re interested in surprising your loved one for a birthday or anniversary, get in touch with us and we’ll help you plan out a fun little surprise for them with our marquee numbers and decor services.