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Marquee Letters for Rent in North York

Are you searching for marquee letter rental in North York? We offer letters and numbers for rent in North York/Toronto. Our marquee letters for rent are the perfect solution for any type of event – whether indoor or outdoor.

We have offered marquee letters for rent for many indoor events such as weddings, birthday parties, surprise proposals and company events. You can create a decorative focus to any event with our letters and numbers. For example, if your wedding hashtag is #JJTiestheKnot – we can spell this out in marquee (including the hashtag).

Rent Marquee Letters in North York for Parties

Deco Marquee is a North York provider of marquee letters, symbols and numbers. We carry a few unique marquee symbols and signs such as: a heart, wedding ring, star and the hashtag sign.

Our specialists can help you create a slogan/word that you would like to display at your event. It can be simple to show off your child’s age, but it can be unique and special to spell out their name too! We are one of the best marquee letter rental services in North York, offering amazing prices.

The marquee letters are expertly designed and hand-crafted in metal to offer the best value for your money. Our letters are curved, while carrying a fine edge to show off an upscale and sleek look. With the lights on, the North York marquee letters will look beautiful. You don’t need to spend extravagantly to have an upscale decor setup – because we can make it happen for you!

Where you’ve planned to host an outdoor/backyard party or an outdoor wedding, we can bring out our marquee letters and set them up for you. Our stackable marquee letters are the best solution for evening events. With a custom colored bulb on each letter, you can also make the event extra color-coded.

We’ve had some realtors who’ve used our letters to show people a home is currently for sale! Imagine a large “For Sale” sign in marquee lights in front of a home. It can definitely catch the attention of many people who will drive by! It’s definitely a show-stopper, whether used for parties, events or at businesses.

If you’re ready to book your rental marquee letters and numbers in Toronto/North York, you can send us an email through the contact page. Give us your event date, time and location and we can offer your special pricing for your wording/slogan.

As a North York marquee letter rental service, we can offer delivery, setup and takedown in multiple areas in Toronto. We cater to all of downtown Toronto, Scarborough, Woburn, Agincourt and even Markham.

Our services can be hired for other areas of the province – you can see a complete list of areas we serve here.

When booking your marquee letters in North York, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting one of the best marquee letters in the city. Our letters are designed so elegantly, with the finest curves. The letters each stand 36-inches high, and can stand in front of your wedding table. Due to their size, they can also be transported, setup and taken down without too much hassle.

Call us today to start your marquee letter for rent in North York this year.