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Light Up Letter Ideas for Parties

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, private party, or birthday bash – light-up letters can always add a personalized touch to the decor. In our experience, light-up letters not only become the focal point of the room, but they create the perfect backdrop for photos.

Our corporate clients love our commercial-grade marquee letters, as they truly light up the space and make heads turn. Here are a few popular ways our customers have used our light-up letters.

Spell Out A Name

What better way to spell your name out in lights? From spelling out your name to just showcasing the initials, the options are endless. You can even spell out a popular phrase such as Party or Just Married. You can even add light-up numbers to the display!

Avana Nee Marquee Letters

Spell Out A Company Name

Our corporate clients are passionate about where they work, and they love spelling out their company name in lights. Whether it’s a company launch event, corporate party, or a success meeting – spelling it out in lights has a different effect!

Spell Out the Name of the Event

If you’re hosting a gala, fundraiser event or any special event – consider spelling out the name of the event in lights! Our sleek light up letters can be used in any venue, indoors and outdoors. Did you know we can even install them to a truss system? There are endless options to brightening up your next corporate or private event.

Deco Marquee is a leading provider of light-up letters in Toronto and Montreal. With the largest service area coverage along the 401 corridor, our customers can rely on our light-up products to brighten up any event.