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Marquee Letters Rental in Markham

If you’re searching for a marquee letter rental in Markham, you’ve found the right place. Deco Marquee is a premier provider of elegant marquee letters in the GTA. We offer a great option for those looking for decorative marquee letters in Markham.

When planning an event, we often focus on making the event as memorable as possible, but forget to focus on the guest experience. Once you let us handle your marquee needs in Markham – we can create an awesome setup that you and your guests will love! We have a variety of marquee symbols available also – these include the popular heart, wedding ring, hashtags and punctuations.

A memorable experience is always an important highlight you want to consider. In Markham, we can come setup your marquee letters so that your event is ready when it needs to be.

Our marquee letters in Markham is unique from our competitors, as they have curved edges that have an upscale and sleek design. These marquee letters are not found in many places, but we’ve made the investment to carry them. Our marquee is all designed in-house and built in Canada. They will withstand our outdoor temperatures up to a set prefix.

There are many milestones that come in life, but those that identify as life-changing events are meant to be shared. These events are ideal for our marquee letters and numbers. We can work with you to create an awesome marquee letter setup, so that your event can also stand out from the rest.

Our letters and numbers can be setup on stage, on the grass, in front of the wedding table, on a raised platform or whereever you invision it! Our metal marquee letters are the perfect decor solution if you’re looking to avoid breaking the budget.

We have a large selection of marquee letters in Markham, available all year round so that we can cater to all your events. Need to stack your marquee letters? We can help by providing out marquee letter stacking stand. These stands are custom-built in-house to ensure they suit the individual marquee letters.

The marquee letters each measure 36-inches high, while our marquee numbers measure 48-inches high. Our customers have loved our marquee letters – and you too can experience them! We also can cater to installations and setup services at some of the most prolific event centres and banquet halls in Markham and neighboring areas. The following are some venues we can cater to:

  • Markham Convention Centre
  • Grand Cinnamon Banquet Hall
  • Scarborough Convention Centre
  • Brighton Convention Centre
  • Kennedy Convention Centre
  • Ajax Convention Centre
  • Pickering Event Centre
  • Apollo Convention Centre

As Markham is home to a variety of nationalities, we’ve had the ultimate pleasure of working with many communities. Our marquee letters have been used for community events in Markham, as well as sporting events, cultural shows, non-profit events and fundraisers.

Deco Marquee is involved in a variety of community events, and is always happy to partner with other organizations when there is a good cause on the table. Our marquee letters are simply beautiful for any occasion. If you’re hosting/organizing an event – look no further than Deco Marquee. We are your local, boutique-style marquee letter provider.

Our marquee letter experience in Ontario can be seen just by looking at some of our photos. With magnificent marquee letter setups, we have become one of the city’s premier providers of marquee letter rental in Markham.