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Marquee Numbers for Rent

Our marquee numbers in Toronto are so popular for birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. If you’re looking for a beautiful and sleek marquee sign, we can help bring your vision to your next event.

DECO’s marquee numbers in Toronto are a great addition to any event. We carry beautiful marquee numbers that can be paired with our marquee letters and signs. If you are celebrating an annual milestone, birthday, anniversary, or high school reunion – our marquee numbers would be a great decor piece.

Our marquee numbers for rent are all designed and made here in Ontario, using commercial-grade materials. All our marquee products use materials found in industrial applications, known to withstand the harshest winter and summer temperatures. Our customers love being able to use our marquee numbers for both indoor and outdoor events.

Each marquee number measures 4 feet (48-inches) in height and can be paired with as many numbers, letters or signs.

All marquee numbers for rent in Toronto are easy to carry due to their lightweight structure. In most cases, our team will arrive at your event venue, home, and outdoor space to have the marquee numbers and letters set up. It is important that your guests maintain a safe distance from the marquee numbers to avoid accidents or injuries. While the setup is safe – it can pose a hazard if someone were to tip it over.

If you’re looking for marquee numbers with balloons, we recommend working with a balloon artist who can outfit our marquee numbers with balloons. There are many balloon service companies in the GTA, and they are well-versed in decorating marquee numbers and letters. We can always help you find a balloon specialist for your event!

There are a few tips your balloon artist would need to know regarding our marquee numbers, to prevent damage to our products. We will communicate this to them via email and our physical specifications sheet.

Our marquee numbers are for rent throughout the GTA, including Mississauga, Toronto, Scarborough, Ajax, Bowmanville, and Port Hope. If you are hosting an event in any part of these areas, or in between – give us a call or send us a message today.

Booking your marquee numbers for rent is easy; just start by sending us your request. We’ll make sure we’re available to service your request and send you a quote with our contract. Sign the contract and make your deposit, and you’re good to go. We’ll show up on-site at the agreed time and have the setup done as per your agreement.