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How to Incorporate Marquee Numbers in Your Decor

Marquee Number 33

When you’re looking to create that wow factor at your next party, you should consider adding some light up marquee numbers to your decor. So, what is it? It’s the large light up numbers often found at birthday parties, complimented by a balloon garland.

While balloon garlands do a great job decorating a space, marquee numbers can truly elevate the space. It’s all about creating that wow factor through this decor statement piece.

Light up numbers are never out of fashion, and they’re perfect for all ages – kids birthdays, adults, reunions and even wedding anniversaries! A well-planned decor setup creates a memorable photo op for all the guests. Okay, let’s get to it and see how you can incorporate marquee characters in your next decor setup.

Compliment Your Balloon Decor

Sometimes it’s nice to add some flare to your balloon decor. Marquee numbers are a great way to compliment your balloon garland, while lighting up the space.

If there’s one good thing about balloon garlands; you have total freedom to shape them the way you like. Using 260s or fishing line, you can quickly drape your garlands around marquee numbers, and create a nice effect.

This creates such a beautiful and elegant setup, you’d wish those balloons would stay inflated forever! A quick and simple way to add an extra touch to the decor would be adding in some florals. It’s important to color coordinate and select floral colors that compliment the color of your balloons.

You can see how the marquee numbers compliment the beautiful balloon garland; creating such an elegant backdrop for photos.

Fill Up Your Space

Create the illusion that your event decor is larger than it actually is! Your event decor will seem grander than it is when you use more of the space that’s available to you.

Obviously, you’ll have balloons, backdrops and maybe even some plinths – but have you thought how adding some large light up numbers can elevate the space? You can quickly fill up the space, while creating that extra special effect!

With these numbers being so popular, there are even rental companies in every city offering these. When renting them, try to find vendors who can offer you colored bulbs or even colored numbers! It’ll be the last puzzle piece to ensuring your colors flow throughout your decor setup.

Are you thinking of having an outdoor event? Marquee numbers work great outdoors as well! The lights will truly shine as the sun begins to set, but the effect is always dramatic. Always include balloons with your marquees – the more you have, the better it’ll look!

Create a Focal Point

Always remember to choose a theme, and have it compliment all areas of the party, including the focal point. This statement piece creates the focal point at the event, and should be well-planned and executed.

Since marquee numbers light up the space and bring everyone’s attention to the center of the room, it’s important that it encompasses the main colors and theme. Your guests will see the focal point as the main source of inspiration for the decor.


Choosing the ideal theme for your event and making all the finer details fall in place is definitely a big challenge. It’s beneficial to seek inspiration and see how you can incorporate various styles, designs and colors into your event.

Once you have the planning and theme figured out, we know you’ll be able to effortlessly incorporate those stylish marquee numbers into your event decor.

What’s amazing is that you can use them for parties for people of all ages – kids, parents, and even grandparents! We hope you were able to get some ideas and inspiration for your next milestone event.

Have you used light up marquee numbers for your own party? Let us know how you used them and if you have any special tips you’d like to share!