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What Are Marquee Letters Made Of?

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The most durable and versatile marquee letters are made from aluminum or steel, as they can conform to many shapes, creating letters in desired fonts. It is possible to make marquee letters with other materials as well, such as foam, wood, plastic, coroplast, and styrene.

Our custom light up letters and numbers are built using a special type of aluminum commonly used for manufacturing airplanes. It is why our rental light up letters offer great value to our customers.

In recent years, the DIYers of marquee letters and marquee numbers have begun using foam and wood for economical reasons. There are both advantages and disadvantages of making marquee letters from foam and wood, and we’ll review those now.


Use a hot gun or glue gun to stick pieces togetherOffers a low-value product to end customers
Use hot gun or glue gun to stick pieces togetherUnable to prop up on its own
Can be used to mold over curvesDoes not offer a clean and sleek finish
Inexpensive to purchase foamOffers a low value product to end customers


DurableWeighs 30-50 lbs
Can be nailed togetherDifficult to transport
Relatively inexpensive to purchase wood materialsRequired protection when left outdoors in the rain or snow
Offers a rustic wood lookDifficult to conform to desired shape or style
Minimal Shine Offered by the Wood Finish
Unable to Withstand Moisture

We build our marquee letters and numbers from aircraft aluminum, offering near-lifetime use to all our inventory. Airplanes are known to be incredibly durable, but lightweight – and this is in part due to the qualities of this type of aluminum.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using aluminum or steel for making marquee letters and numbers.


Light WeightExpensive to Source Material and Build
Easy to TransportSpecialized Tools Required
Durable Enough to Stack On Each OtherKnowledge of Welding Required
Flexible Enough to Mold into Desired ShapeMay Require Support System for Wind Storms
Weather Rated for All Climates
Can Be Used to Hang from a Truss System
Translucent Material Allows for Beautiful Shine

In addition to the material used for making marquee letters, one needs to consider the electrical components that make up the letters and numbers. This includes the wiring harness, electrical cords, bulbs and sockets.

Some people will use standard wiring, but it may not be the best option in all cases.

In Canada, we’re known for our unpredictable weather conditions and snowy winters. Deco Marquee uses industrial-quality wiring harnesses that are outdoor rated. Our outdoor-rated cords and wiring harnesses are meant for the toughest and coldest winters.

In addition, we use bright incandescent and LED bulbs to offer our customers the best of all worlds. Our inventory of marquee letters and numbers in Canada is made right here in the country, with locally manufactured components.

Marquee letters have become a staple for many corporate, private, and national events across the world. DECO Marquee has become a leading brand in Central Canada, providing marquee letters and marquee numbers in Toronto and Montreal. We provide marquee letters across the 401-corridor between Quebec and Ontario.

In conclusion, you can see that marquee letters and marquee numbers can be made using wood, plastic, aluminum and foam. The choice of material comes down to the end use, the value you are attempting to deliver and the intended use.

As we provide high-value for our corporate and private event clients, our marquee products are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Whether you’re looking for light up letters or numbers for your corporate party, product launch or company event – give us a call today!

If you’re looking for marquee letters in Toronto, be sure to reach out to us today for a no-obligation quote!