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Marquee Letters for Rent in Scarborough

In Scarborough, Deco Marquee offers a host of options for marquee letter rental and setup. Our marquee letters rental in Scarborough is available for anyone hosting an event, party, private gathering or corporate expo. We have the capacity to entertain small and large requests, across the GTA.

When you’re looking for marquee letters with lights for rent, we are one of the premier providers of Scarborough marquee letters. Our team has successfully executed hundreds of parties and events in the area.

Our marquee letter rental service is the perfect solution for birthday parties, weddings, receptions, work parties and even social gatherings. You can always add some upscale taste to your event with our custom marquee letters.

We have customers who surprise their beautiful children for birthdays with marquee numbers, while boyfriends choose us to be a part of surprise proposals and engagement parties.

Marquee letters with lights for rent in Scarborough have become very popular for weddings – especially for post-wedding activities. It’s an amazing way to make that one event extra special. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning your next party or just need something extra to make the final touch – choose our custom marquee letters rental in Scarborough.

As a provider of custom marquee letters, we also have colored bulbs that can really help the letters stand out. Our marquee letter rental service is available for the following types of letters/numbers:

  • 3-foot Letters
  • 4-foot Numbers
  • 1-foot Mr and Mrs
  • 1-foot The
  • 1 to 3-foot Symbols and Punctuations

As Scarborough is a highly diverse community, we have also invested in some marquee letters in different languages. We will be announcing these marquee letters soon.

In Scarborough and the nearby areas, we offer our setup service for indoor and outdoor settings. If you’re setting up for an event outdoors, and don’t have an outlet; we also have a marquee letters generator. The generator can be run stand-alone and will power your entire marquee letter setup. These are ideal for events and special proposals that may take place in a park, beach, rooftop terrace, etc.

Since the marquee letters are designed and built in Canada, they are highly durable and constantly reviewed to ensure they are suitable for setups. They’re stackable with our custom marquee letter stacking stand. We can stack up to three levels of marquee letters, far more than the competing leading event companies.

Event Decor in Scarborough

Deco Marquee works with some of the best event decor companies in Scarborough. These companies offer decor services for event venues and homes for special events such as weddings, parties and bridal events. Our marquee letters are the cherry on top, offering a highlight for your event. You can always pair our letters and numbers with floral decor, marigold and even balloons.

In Scarborough and the surrounding areas, we have had the opportunity to work with businesses and individuals for their event needs. We offer marquee letters with lights for rent at a very affordable price. If you have a budget for your event, we can also ensure we create something that meets your budget and taste.

As we work with event decor specialists in the area, we can also offer a one-stop source for all your event decor rental services. Our decor services are commonly used for weddings, receptions, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and first communions.

To start booking your marquee letters in Scarborough, please send us an email with your event date, location and details on what you’d like to write. We offer per letter pricing as well as specific pricing for commonly used combinations.