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Marquee Letters Rental in Pickering

A marquee letter from Deco Marquee will be incredibly beautiful at your next event! Whether you’re hosting an indoor or outdoor party, our marquee letter rental service in Pickering would be just perfect for you.

Our customers use marquee letters for graduation parties and surprises. If you know someone who is graduating soon, you can definitely surprise them with an amazing photo op. For example, we had a client who surprised their child who graduated with a new car, and used our light up letters to spell out “Grad”.

Our marquee letters decorated with some balloons and floral work can be such a beautiful sight for when they arrive home. These letters can be setup outdoors on the front lawn, on the porch or even on a balcony.

We have had the opportunity to work with many restaurants, event venues and convention centres in Pickering to showcase our beautiful marquee letters. Whether you’re hosting a product launch, company party or corporate event – give us a call or send us a message to book your letters for your next event.

The letters and numbers can be custom fitted with colored bulbs. We carry a range of bulb colors, which allows us to create word combinations that look unique. You can ultimately create your channel letter-like sign where ever you like.

Marry Me Marquee Letters

Deco Marquee provides beautiful proposal setups using our elegant and sleek marquee letters, large 8-foot rose heart and range of other items. Our collection of roses, red carpet, candles, floating vases, neon signs can all be used to make your proposal a special one!

You can create any custom marquee letter setup you wish. A few ideas include the following:

  • Marry Me
  • Will You Marry Me?
  • Will You Say Yes?
  • Let’s Get Hitched

If you’re looking for high-end marquee letters at an affordable price, we offer the ultimate solution. It is simply the best way to lighten up any event without breaking your budget.

The marquee letters can be used and setup in the day or night. If used during the day, you can still keep the lights on! The letters and numbers look simple, elegant and upscale. You can quickly create an amazing photo backdrop for your event where your guests can take photos.

Marquee Letter Rental for Weddings

Whether you’re planning a wedding at a venue or in your backyard, we can create a magical marquee letter setup for you. Just give us your wedding hashtag, and can create the photo op you deserve. Our marquee letter rental in Pickering offers just the letters, with the option for you to hire a third-party balloon decorator. Alternatively, you can also hire a floral decorator to add floral work to the marquee letters and numbers.

Event Venues in Pickering

If you’re planning to host an event in Pickering, whether it’s a party or corporate event – we have a few recommended event venues for you. Given the population of Pickering is estimated to be 96,218, there are a few event venues in the area to fulfill the event hosting needs of the city. It is also very common for residents in the city to find venues in neighboring areas. Our marquee letters have been used at some of these event venues this year.

The list below is not extensive, but it is curated list to showcase some of the small and large event venues in the neighborhood:

VenueEstimated CapacityParking
Pickering Event Centre200Yes
Loft 905 Event Space100Yes
The Carvers Cottage175Yes
Holiday Gardens150Yes