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Marquee Number 16

Our light up marquee number 16 is the perfect statement piece for sweet sixteen birthdays and other events. Our 4-feet tall marquee numbers are just the perfect centerpiece for your decor.

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The Light Up Marquee Number 16 is a vibrant and eye-catching decorative piece perfect for celebrating milestone birthdays or special occasions. Standing at a height of 4-feet, this marquee number features dazzling LED lights that illuminate any space with a warm and celebratory glow.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the number 16 is designed in a bold and stylish font, making it a standout addition to party decor. Whether used as a centerpiece or with a balloon garland, this light-up marquee adds a touch of festive charm, creating a memorable atmosphere for sweet sixteens and other joyous events.


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