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Can Marquee Letters and Numbers Be Used in the Winter?

Avana Nee Marquee Letters
Avana Nee Marquee Letters
Our Letters Outside in the Winter

Deco Marquee designs and builds their marquee numbers and letters using aircraft-grade aluminum with outdoor-rated wiring and components. It is one of the reasons why our marquee letters can be left outdoors in the winter, and even overnight during a storm!

The use of marquee numbers and marquee letters in the winter will depend on the specific materials and components used in the construction of the marquee. The marquee letters and numbers built using aluminum and steel will withstand the winter weather conditions here in Canada.

If you are considering renting marquee letters in the winter, you should consider Deco Marquee. You will find below a few reasons why our corporate customers love our marquee products:

Durable Material

Our marquee letters and marquee numbers are manufactured using aluminum known for its superior strength and longevity (commonly used in aircrafts). The material is known for withstanding severe cold and winter conditions, as well as being resistant to moisture. Given the high-profile use of the material in many other applications, strong data exists proving its efficiency in many outdoor applications.

Our products are highly durable in winter conditions.

Weatherproof Construction

We are very aware of the rain and snow conditions, so we’ve built our marquee products with complete weatherproofing. Our protection ensures that our products can remain in the rain, snow and even on severely hot summer days.

We have also taken into consideration the temperature fluctuations and built necessary spray-on protection to ensure no moisture is created on the product itself.

Electrical Wiring and Components

All electrical components are built to withstand severe cold temperatures, and all our outlets are weather-rated. We have seen competitors using electrical components that are not meant for the winter, where cold temperatures may hinder performance.

Deco Marquee prides itself in using Canadian and USA-made electrical components, which are tested in winter conditions for optimal performance.

Source of Power

If you are going to power our marquee letters using outlets located outdoors, you should make sure they are properly insulated. If you don’t have an outdoor outlet, one can be provided to you with either an extension or a generator.

Custom Installation

All our marquee letter and number rentals include custom installation and anchoring. This allows our marquee letters to remain in the same position, despite heavy winds. During heavy winter conditions, our custom installation offers the appropriate prevention against damage to our inventory.

Since we are the manufacturers of our product, we have the know-how and how-to knowledge to offer the best course of action in any scenario. If you’re looking for marquee letters and marquee numbers for rent in Toronto, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!