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50th Birthday Marquee Numbers Stage Setup

Deco Marquee Number 50

How amazing is this beautiful 50th birthday marquee number stage setup? This stage setup was designed and styled by our talented friends over at Evenwood Party Decor. Evenwood serves the Greater Toronto Area, and specializes in all types of private and corporate event decor services.

The team at Evenwood is great at styling events, and they can truly bring your vision to life. This setup was highlighted at Eraa Party Palace in Markham, Ontario – and it definitely ticked off all the checkboxes for us.

Deco Marquee Number 50

It’s such an elegant and upscale look, and truly magnifies the couple that took upon this stage. From the linens to the chandelier, to the entire backdrop – the decor flowed well with our 4-foot marquee numbers. We’ve been part of 50th Wedding Anniversaries, 40th Birthday Parties, and plenty of 30th Birthday Bashes – and the decor options are truly endless!

Deco Marquee’s 4-feet marquee numbers are available with warm white and cool white bulbs, as well as multiple color options. If you’re looking to host a birthday, wedding anniversary, reunion or milestone – our lighted marquee numbers would be the perfect addition.

You can always pair our marquee numbers with other decor, such as those offered by the decor company above. Our light-up marquee numbers are so ideal for creating that centerpiece at any event. Sometimes, it’s all you need to create that statement piece in the venue – or your home!

Celebrating a 50th birthday is a special milestone, and there are numerous ways to make it memorable. The best celebration depends on the preferences and interests of the person celebrating. In our experience working with event decor companies, stylists, and event planners, here are our recommendations for throwing the best 50th birthday party.

Throw a Party

  • Organize a surprise party with close friends and family.
  • Choose a theme that reflects the birthday person’s interests or a nostalgic era.
  • Consider hiring a catering service or preparing a special meal.

Family Gathering

  • Plan a family reunion or gathering, especially if relatives live far away.
  • Create a family tree or photo collage to display during the event.

Travel Adventure

  • Organize a weekend getaway or a longer vacation to a destination the birthday person has always wanted to visit.
  • Plan a cruise or a relaxing beach vacation.

Memorable Experience

  • Gift an experience, such as tickets to a concert, theater show, sports event, or a hot air balloon ride.
  • Arrange a spa day or wellness retreat for relaxation.

Private Retreat

  • If the person prefers a more intimate celebration, consider a quiet weekend retreat in a scenic location.

Our team will deliver, setup and takedown the display so you don’t have to worry about transport or cleanup. If you’re a balloon vendor, please ask us about our balloon teardown service. As part of the teardown, your balloons will be taken down and disposed of, and any hardware will be kept in our warehouse for collection.

Give us a call, or send us a message today to book your marquee numbers or marquee letters for your next event.